Jodie Janovec

Welcome to the Glen. My name is Jodie Janovec. Within my 47 years on this planet, I have had a multitude of diverse work experiences and teachings that have culminated into my current role as an educator at Violet Glen. In 1999, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and an Environmental Resources certificate from Kansas State University. Years passed, and I found myself, with my family of four, in Southeastern Wisconsin-an area of natural beauty that I hold dear in my heart. In my time here, I have furthered my education by participating in the Lifeways Early Childhood Training program in 2012 and receiving a certificate for completing the North American Biodynamic Farming Association’s Apprenticeship program in 2018. Career-wise, I have worked as a fresh-cut flower and produce farmer and a Waldorf-based childcare provider. In 2019, I launched Alice Hall Fiber Designs, LLC, a business which I oversee to market my unique, handmade, felted wool garments/accessories. My art is inspired by the designs, patterns, and colors of the natural world. At Violet Glen, I am merging my passions for and knowledge of art, nature, and, of course, education. Raising two sons has allowed me to further realize the importance of the educational gifts and personal-growth opportunities that the natural world has to offer. It is truly beautiful to see young children learn how to better interact with peers, themselves, and with the world around them through projects, arts, games, and exploration within nature. It is my job as an educator to foster this learning and to teach children that being you is the only thing that you can be.