Violet Glen summer camp

Summer Camps

Campers will be provided an experience that is meaningful, rich in opportunities for self growth and care, and sparks wonder and joy.

While supporting our underlying goal, we will not hesitate to shift or divert from an original “plan” to meet the authentic needs of the group. This “living curriculum” will resonate throughout all of our summer programming offerings.

Ages 3-6

Our summer camps for our Early Childhood Friends (ages 3-6), the Squirrels, hope to offer children a bit of what summer looked like when we were young.  We will strive to provide a space for freedom of good play, discovery, and getting dirty.  Amidst this backdrop, the adults will have opportunities for children to create (artistically) and work.  Seasonal songs and stories will be gracefully woven into the daily experience.  Dependent on what is growing, we may be harvesting or foraging and then finding useful means for these collected treasures, whether that be food, tea, balms, dye, art, tools, or beauty.  We will allow the days to unfold as natural as possible to give the children a sense of “summer” time and space.  

Ages 7-10

Our Early School-Age Children (ages 7-10), the Beavers, experiences will be similar, yet with more themed projects.  We may focus on a particular art medium, building project, skill building, or other collective learning experience for that week.  Also, more organized games or team-building activities might be incorporated into the day.  Throughout the week we will put great emphasis on healthy social dynamics amidst the group, practicing inclusivity, thoughtfulness, and overall respect for our peers.  The children may be asked to bring a journal to use for times of personal reflection or artistic inspiration.

Ages 11-14

Our Adolescent (ages 11-14), the Hawks, camp experiences will vary, but will largely be experiential and skill-building.  We hope to utilize local resources and knowledge to provide opportunities for group adventures such as biking, fishing, canoeing, hiking, swimming, photography, writing, building, community service, theatre, art, cooking, or camping.  Again, dependent on the group, we will look to find experiences that meet the interests of the campers and also invite them to step a bit our of their comfort zone to inspire growth and change.  In these groups there will be opportunities to focus on topics that directly affect these children coming of age, with the hopes of inviting a safe space for questions and conversation among peers.  

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Enrichment Programs

Workshops, gatherings, or groups with a more specific focus geared towards deeper enrichment of a collective quality.  

Violet Glen Elementary Program students

Elementary Program

The Violet Glen Elementary Program focuses on bringing education to young people with an emphasis on physical, emotional, and social well-being in relation to selves and others.


The Violet Glen KinderForest program focuses on bringing education to young people with an emphasis on healthy development of soul, body, and mind capacities in the midst of a community of peers.